Causes of Reactive Attachment Disorder:
Where is the Attachment Break in the First 3 Years of Life?


  • Abuse and/or neglect
  • Physical loss of a parent due to
    • adoption (even on day 1)
    • death
  • Multiple caretakers
    • no opportunity to attach or attachment is disrupted
    • orphanage
    • foster care
  • Emotional absence or unavailability of a parent due to
    • post-partum or chronic depression
    • chronic pain
    • intergenerational RAD
  • Temporary separation due to hospitalization
    • pre-mature infants
    • medical problem of parent in first two years of child's life
  • Invasive or painful medical procedures
  • Chronic, unrelieved pain in child
    • colic, GERD, chronic ear infection
    • undiagnosed medical problem
  • Mother's poor prenatal care or prenatal alcohol or drug exposure
  • Mother's feelings of rejection for fetus
  • Neurological problems


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