By Mariah Crawford (age 15)


Who needs family?

You will never hear us say

Be there for each other.

We were made to

Be apart from each other.

We will never

grow up together.

We were meant to

Grow up alone.

We will never want to

Have each other to lean on.


Are perfect alone.

Families never

Need support and love.

We will always

Find who we truly are.

We were meant to

Give up and stop trying.

You will never see us,

Together as family

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Frannie: The truth is, we love having you.

Wilbur: We really have to go.

Frannie: No. You don’t. You have to stay. Who’d be a better family for you than us? What do you say, Lewis? Do you want to be a Robinson?

Lewis: You… you want to adopt me?

from Meet the Robinsons (2007, movie)